How It works

There are a number of extraordinary designs out there, so we are honoured that you are looking at us. Equaily, we have tried to simplify the process so that you don’t have to wait long to receive your dreamy ideas.


We discuss by email or skype what your wedding will look like, what things you like and what elements you want to appear on the invitation. The more information the better, we’re creative we like to brainstorm. During this discussion feel free to share with us photos, Pinterest borders, anything to help us better understand what you want and what you love.


Once we have an idea formed on the wedding, style, budget, we will send you a proposal based on the discussion in the consultation part. After the review, your agreement and payment of the design fee indicate the beginning of our collaboration. This is how we ensure your commitment. We will now also set the production deadline.


Once we have reached an agreement on the proposal, we can start creating and bringing your paper goods or video to life. Please allow us 10 working days (2 weeks) for this process. The cost of the custom design includes 3 interventions/revisions. 

Please note that we copy and paste your wording, so please make sure you have spelt everything correctly. We can not take liability for any mistakes. 


Once you are satisfied with the final design and have your confirmation on the final digital model, the order is put into operation. This process takes about 10 business days. When everything is assembled, your invitations will be packed and shipped to the address provided.


The standard fee for a new design is £100 but can vary depending on the complexity of your request. The non-refundable design fee is for the invitations and taking the graphics from the invitation we continue it for the entire stationery package. The new design fee is not refundable. The necessary investment is separate from the production cost, which depends on the complexity of the project, the materials used, the printing method and quantity.

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