Wedding planning can be new, exciting yet it can also be mind-boggling. In that event, below are my frequently asked questions. And if your question are still not answered, send me a message.

How do i order?

Check out the how-to order page at the templates or send me a message for dreamy bespoke work.

Do you have samples?

You can order a pack of samples right here. The Sample pack includes a selection of suites and costs £10 including worldwide postage. 

What if i need other elements that you don’t show on your website?

We can design this for you. I am a trained graphic designer – there isn’t much i can’t do. Just ask here.

How many invites do i need?

Industry-standard is one invite per household plus 10% for keepsakes and any last-minute additions – Reprints can be expensive. 

If you choose our digital option, we offer copies of the physical version for £1 per invite plus P+P. I use royal mail and do our very best to keep costs down.

How long will my invites take? 

The process is depending on your options and is different for everyone. For videos, i suggest a minimum of 10 days (2 business weeks). If you choose traditional invitations, then i suggest that you allow at least 2 – 4 weeks.

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