When will weddings be allowed again?

Over the lockdowns and new road maps that have been announced, we’ve all had a little hope for it to then be taken away. We’ve had to come to terms with that lives are on hold again. In a somewhat rollercoaster fashion, desperate to have any form of an answer for when your day can eventually happen!

With all the jargon in the news, it can be hard to make sense of what you can and can’t do for your wedding. Furthermore, can you visit vendors and are your 6 / 15 guest inclusive of suppliers like they were last year? So many questions!

Since the PM has put the country on lockdown, I have kept updated with the government. Filtering through the information so that you can see how and when your day will look.

So what are the guidelines?

At the moment, weddings and civil partnership ceremonies must take place with up to 6 people, with receptions are cancelled altogether. The good news is that now they can go ahead without any exceptional circumstances. If you are thinking of an elopement, then this perfect.

From the 12th of April, wedding’s and civil partnership ceremonies will be allowed to have up to 15 people in COVID-19 secure outdoor venues that are permitted to open. The good news is that you will also be allowed to have a reception, again with up to 15 people. However, your reception must be a sit down mean only and still in any COVID-19 secure outdoor venue. Your reception can not be in a private garden or public outdoor space.

The next ease of restrictions is to happen on the 17th of May. The government plans to increase the guest size to 30 people. Although, as lockdown restrictions change, we will be given more information. The government has said from the 21st of June, they aim to remove all limits on weddings, civil partnership ceremonies and receptions.

This is subject to the outcome of the scientific Events Research Programme. Following a series of pilots using enhanced testing approaches and other measures to run events of larger sizes.

The government is definite on each ease of restrictions suppliers will not be included in the number to ceremonies or receptions. They also state that weddings, civil partnership ceremonies, and receptions can only go ahead in venues permitted to be open at each Step.

So what does this mean for you?

From Monday the 12th of April, you can book a small wedding with your closest people. This is necessarily not a restricted wedding as you will be able to focus on what truly matters and release a lot of potential stress. Booking a long table at a beautiful restaurant in the sunshine (weather permitting) might be the perfect wedding for you and your partner. No one says you must have all the traditional elements.

If you are looking to invite more than 15 people, you’re going to have to wait till at least the early summer. The good news is that you can book suppliers who are eager to help create your day. You will have to do your consultations over video chat or the phone at the moment. Luckily suppliers have had a lot of preparation for this.

And as frustrating as this is, a few more weeks to plan your perfect day will just make it extra special. You have the time to hone in on what you want for the day, how you want to feel and how you want to look. When planning a wedding, organisation and details are essential. The more time you have for suppliers, the better. Allowing them to perfect what you have chosen.

Wedding planning is no picnic. Each wedding can go in any direction with all the planning in the world. So my main take away from the guidance is now that we have an idea of when things eased, you can book and rebook suppliers. Although, i would be clear if you want a big party or a small gathering.

Booking suppliers will be easier for you if you have had to postpone, as your suppliers should have been able to accommodate you. If you are new to planning, then i would prepare yourself to have some of your suppliers already booked or wait a little longer. Although, only by emailing, calling and talking to suppliers will you find out what can be booked.

If you are looking for suppliers, email us as we have several recommended suppliers that could work for your day. If you are looking for wedding stationery, I would be more than happy to book a consultation to discuss ideas with you.

I will leave you with one final thought. When planning your day, don’t worry if it doesn’t go to plan. Enjoy the planning and creating your dream day. Ask for help, suppliers want to help – I know i do as who doesn’t love the romance of the day?

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