What you need to know about the COVID-19 and planning your wedding and event!

Christmas and new year celebrations seemed like it was almost a year ago but in fact, it was only a little over four months ago, a time when most of us were planning for the year, holidays and more. A few weeks into the new year we began to see the effects of COVID-19; fast forward to now and I write this as we are in lockdown, potentially till June.

The coronavirus that is stopping people in their tracks is a concern to us all, in every aspect. Working from home like we have never done so, missing birthdays, to general events, weddings and sadly, people losing their jobs and, in some cases, their lives. How life as we know it has changed.

As a small business in my first year and growing, this climate is a concern. People are slowly not booking suppliers, naturally hesitant to spend money as we don’t know when we are able to start planning what we know as ‘normal’. However, all is not lost as we will see an end to the lockdown, the end of isolation and the end of not being able to plan.

When we go to back to our reality, we will be overwhelmed not only being able to freely move about but we will be in a rush to finish our plans that we wanted now in the spring. Here at the little extras, we wanted to make sure that you know we and many suppliers are here for you. We are not only providing free templates for all but we are working with current clients to help with their printing, last-minute unknown’s and change of plans. Luckily our extensive research on suppliers allows us to keep printing and continue to do what we do best – create memories for your day.

Throughout this time, we can focus on the small things. Knowing this difficult time will end, we will be able to enjoy our planning and most importantly, suppliers will be able to take your frustrations of planning away. As suppliers, we have contacts, research and information that as experts allows us to give you your vision. The wedding and events industry is made up of small businesses and people who have struggled but charge fairly so they too can support their families.

As the queen says, “We will be with our friends again; we will be with our families again; we will meet again.”. Furthermore, when can we plan again? No matter the answer, remember that the wedding and event industry is created to gather people together for love in public spaces, small and large. It’s our jobs, it’s what we are paid for.

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